Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We all cry. We cry for what every right or wrong reason one can think of. Sometimes we cry because we just have to.Crying portrays various emotions like sadness, bliss and pain. I remember back then when I was in primary school. We have colorfully-pasted letterings of different quotations on the wall.It is when my boring teacher starts to lecture that those postings turn into a some sort of theatrical presentation. One of the many quotes that struck me is the quotation "Laugh and the world laughs at you, cry and you will cry alone." Before, that saying is kind of a blur to me because that time all i did was to play, pester my classmates and study on finals night so as to go on to the next grading. As I slowly age, that passage meant a lot in my every day struggles.Everybody sympathizes over a joyous laugh. It can be so contagious that a whole audience in a football stadium can sport a comedic ambiance but when it comes to mourning, we invest in the fact that we are alone and we are heroes of our own destiny. It is a pride thing.Like me, I don't seek comfort when in grief because i know making others feel the same will not benefit either. It is very honorable to pity for someone and feel the world's weight on your shoulders but the satisfaction is still the very same reason that you need to fill the sense of being an auxilliary to others. Is it more about you sympathizing or is it about making you feel good about yourself? Crying alone makes life more walled. It makes your life sturdier and sound.I must admit I hate crying alone.. Good thing I have loved ones to cry with....

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