Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday Bingo Affair

Last Sunday,when every Catholic person in this country is busy attending mass and reflecting about their lives, I was in a Bingo game. Yup it is right,its not a typo error or something...A Bingo game. My mom together with my aunt invited me to join them in their pursuit of luck and entertainment. With that I asked myself- Am I that old? of course not.-Being more mature?Maybe yes. As l looked around, i see different faces. The woman sitting beside which is a bit on a heavier side and seemed overly bored. Also there is a thin man smoking heavily in front of me which is quite loud and much like the sports commentator in a barangay basketball game. While observing, It made me realize that someday i can be anyone of those personalities. With whatever effort in planning, goal-setting and road-mapping i would be doing in my career,life and family, I know I would end up growing old and wondering. I know growing old is inevitable but at times you will be crazy enough to think on how you would play the game of life. Paranoia sets in at times...but like i stated earlier- I'm not that old yet. Good thing I can still play Bingo at 25 and see it in a different angle . Oh by the way, my mom and aunt won that time and I was given "Balato"- Isn't life extra sweet enough? :)

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