Monday, February 1, 2010

A Month Late 2010 Resolution

I just checked my calendar and was stunned that a month has passed. It is the first day of February and when I was about to make a post about my personal New Year’s resolution, I realized that I am way behind this must-to-do list. Oh yes, I am a victim of those psychologically motivated planners (not excluding that hardbound and too-big-to-fit my shoulder bag Starbucks Planner). The challenge of having the right sticker (which I wasn’t aware before) and squeezing my monthly budget is a classic act all together. Reality check, my planner is hibernating its way into the realm of trash haven. These things are good examples of commodities that you would really love to have but you know you wouldn’t actually use them.

Hmmm, maybe that should be the start of my resolution. First on my list is to buy things that I would really want and would actually use them at the same time (as if). Okay, so much about deviating from my post’s purpose. For the sake of having a clear cut personal overhaul for this year, here is my 2010 Top 10 Resolution.

Disclaimer: the list does not pertain to any particular order

1) Fix Legal Issues ASAP

- I have a tendency to procrastinate this matter because I know it would financially hurt me. I’m not getting any younger so the only way is to act on it. Money would surely make the world go round. Money prevails! Justice?

2) Be more active and health conscious

- I want to believe that I am healthy but my frequent sick emoticon plurk posts tell me otherwise.

3) Have a steady and productive Financial Profile

-Reading Colayco’s books and knowing how to be financially secure isn’t enough. I need to save more, invest and look for other means of earning.

4) More quality time with love ones

-Just like what they always say, It is not in the duration but on the quality of time spent.

5) Be more assertive

-No more goody-two shoes. I need to learn how to be more assertive of what I want.

6) Be less cynical

-Being negative on some things is not bad at all but sometimes it is just a waste of energy. Conserve and Preserve Energy!

7) Have an actual plan for my career

-Road mapping to success is the first step.

8) Invest in higher form of learning

- Masters in Nursing or MBA

9) Post more blogs

-I need to step it to a higher notch when it comes to blogging.

10) Learn to pray more and sacrifice

-Pray more for spiritual guidance in life decisions and sacrifice earthly pleasures that would definitely cloud my personal judgement

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