Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Athena Goes To Panacea

Have you ever tried re-reading all of your posted blogs? Well, strangely I just did. My first blog dated October 9, 2007. I remember it was the day when I got back from my usual Sunday obligation teary-eyed and sad. I felt the need to write that time because I miss seeing my family in a church pew exchanging kisses while saying peace-be-with-yous. After posting my first blog, there was a sense of relief and catharsis. (Hallelujah--singing angels) Alas! I found a consoling friend in a form of a notepad. Yes you got it right, a notepad!

Since then, blogging became the Zarzuela of words running in my head as the blinking cursor on the screen immortalizes each eager step. Painstakingly, that’s how my virtual dancing career started… and the rest is Biology??? (Darn! Now I know why SNL gives out big fat pay checks. @#*! ) So much for the Humor blog plans… (doh)

Seriously, I’m not the mawkish type (not funny!) but matter of factly, four days from this day, my blogspot account will celebrate its third year anniversary. I should be uber excited, proud or maybe even overtly fervent but as I revisit my blog archive, it felt as if my posted thoughts are on its way to oblivion. I realized that majority of my posts are on the dark side. What gives? Two striking quotes from revered master Yoda, “Anger, fear, aggression, the dark side are they” and “The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is."

As trivial it may seem, I’ve been nursing these pent-up emotions for all these years. More so, my blog screams negativism in Morpheus' literary. (POI! places hand on head)There is nothing wrong in being pessimistic or sporting the I-hate-the-world attitude once in a while but being stuck in such state for the longest phase is living death.

As I embark on the metamorphosis of my personal blog, I seek healing and forgiveness in life. With future on sight, my literary dancing begins…I’d wear my shiny ruby slippers and vow never to take it off again …Oh and I hear Glinda calls… (Keeping everything crossed) Wisdom in healing...


RiA GeSiLvA said...

Advance Happy 3rd year blogversary! :D I'm here to give you an Award

Carlo Castle said...

Nice Blog, always interesting to read your posts. :) -Caloy

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