Friday, January 7, 2011

Elizabeth: Bloody Mary Aftermath

For what is love to her
beyond the shoulder of praises
The mockery of love in its sweetest tongue
truth behind darkness of pillars sang

To see with eyes of treachery
of favor fed with sheer deceit
Bright eyed while gnawed by hurt and guilt
mordant smile amidst pangs of mendacity

With life born from death
belief of purest love overcometh by strength
Manipulator of stolen love with power
dance of satin dresses tainted with falter

Facing death makes her thirst for life
burning the nerve of blissful memoir
A decision to make, a vow to fulfill
for more than who she really is
was not meant to be

Love beyond of her own
married to her begging people
My admiration beyond words
inaudible awe slithers

History reckons the Virgin Queen!

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