Monday, June 20, 2011

Philippine ToyCon 2011: First Look

Why is everybody buzzing about ToyCon? It never fails to amuse me why this annual affair creates so much hype online. Honestly, my impression before of Toy Convention is that it’s the yearly meeting of people who could spend extra money on expensive toys and businessmen who take advantage of its commercial success.

Whether it's because of Filipinos' love for status symbol or just plain band-wagoners' delight, I decided to check out the event and see for myself why Philippine ToyCon is a thriving industry for 10 years now.

While taking some shots, I slowly observe what might be the possible motivation of Filipinos attending these Toy Conventions. I saw the discreet joy on the faces of people around despite the busy atmosphere engulfing the place. Have you ever seen a child at the toy store eagerly staring at his favourite toy? It is exactly the same aura you would feel in a Toy Convention.

ToyCon turns our childhood fantasies into reality. Where in the world can you dress up like Green Lantern as an adult aside from attending Halloween street parties? ToyCon brings out the inner child in each one of us. It depicts the convergence of culture from various enthusiasts like toy collectors, photographers, designers, cosplayers and entrepreneurs. Above all, ToyCon is the yearly celebration of the creative pulse of Filipinos regardless of age and economic background.

Being cynical at first, I was reminded later on by events like ToyCon on how to let loose and be child once again. I am definitely looking forward to ToyCon 2012.

As quoted from the Scottish dramatist and creator of Peter Pan - James Matthew Barrie,

What is genius? - It is the power to be a boy again at will.”

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