Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Train Ride

8:05 PM still standing and waiting
I can ride this train
but I welcome the wait
rushing seeps mistakes

Not a matter of what's here
what's within reach
preference, inference
the hand grasps the mind

The wait, the anticipation
closing and opening
crossing paths
here then gone

Watching, smiling
yes this is mine
stepping on each tile
looking at my feet fidget

Orange light on sight
here it comes
checking my bag, check
my step passing over the gap

Alas inside the train
this train,this ride
this travel goes on now
ticking of the clock starts

I wonder where's the next stop


khalil said...


chie said...

thought-provoking prose pia, beautifully written. makes me think of my own train (mrt) rides :) - chie (pacot)

Anonymous said...

I like this poem. :) But to be honest, each time I rid the bus/train... it doesn't invoke poetic feelings in me. More like, "OMG, thank God I have a car." :-P

Massa P