Sunday, January 6, 2008

Of Coffee and Cigars

Tattered and torn calendar of 2007 on my cabinet door and yet no transition. My bipolar personality strikes again. One moment i feel so ecstatic the next so melancholy. Im a drifter with no license to overdrive. Questioning my ownself is but a daily dose of philosophies. And then.. a look to an innocent child's face is a state of peace for me. There he is just playing and roving like a top with non-stop inertia. How i pity youth.With no worries and unquestionable autonomy. With youth I appreciate life. As the famous quote goes" What you don't know won't hurt you:" But when does not knowing something do you good? Ignorance is not innocence.. In ageing comes wisdom and that what keeps me going. I am not a child anymore but sometimes I still see life like in a child's eye.

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