Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Eye Candy You

You can do whatever you want in an eye-candy world.
Monster-->not an Eye candy but you can just joke about it or let out your creative mind flow so as to mock it.
It can be someone,something or anything you can think of.
What is that? Oh so pleasing to the eyes..but the dirt on it is so noticeable..
A femme in a garbage wall and nothing but gift wrappers taped in loose ends.
Common put some more and splash it all over
Mask your insecurities and put on a great show
Love it..love the camera,lights..the pose..Avant-garde
The fashion of having a white shirt and jeans not looking beneath your sleeves
The American dream,Pop culture, a star is born
Grooming,etiquette 101,so tiring ...so sad
Mommy give me some candy to cleanse my soul not an eye-candy junk stuck in my head
Your beautiful..Yes I am but where is the mirror for me to look at
Coz I can see your eyes staring at me with no reflection of me

I'm not an eye-candy but a candy to be eyed on
Watch me do my art and you will taste bliss
Sweet,sour,tangy adventure of flavors waiting for conquest
My child I will entangle you with thoughts of what is pure and true
Simple, peace, love
Baby no more worries here I am to watch and see you for who you are

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