Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Acid Burn on Glass Slippers

You are no ordinary acid slowly seeping into my dermis
not a blemish nor scar tissue that you caused into my senses
You are nothing but a nightmare in a warp of delusions
Hahaha screaming inside your tabula rasa cerebellum
An egoistic fool without anything to prove but your manly nonsense
you have made a fool out of your dull and dope mind
you inconsiderable empty animal lurking in my utopian world

you cannot make me or kill me
taste of salt in my wound you deeply rub
the pain enlightens me making me crazy happy
alas the thrill of the pumping heart in my veins
another killer another acid burn
another morning to wake up to

Someday..somehow..you will be out of my system
and in there not a shadow of guilt will face me
a mask for the belle of the ball
She will graciously dance with the music
Let this pass for the clock will strike at midnight
lalala..the beat..the step...the piruet

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