Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old woman at the steps

The harshness of life illuminates her dark and wrinkled face
Leaving footsteps on unfamiliar street without a trace
Dirt erodes all over her sun-kissed skin
With no where to run but crowd with nameless grin

Reality has kicked straight through my soul
Wondering on where the old woman should go
Is it me that I see in the future's plow
Once reaped of the past with daunting afterglow

Bleeds in me so deep, it creeps
My eyes blinded as I weep
Questioning life on what it has offered
So much so that left me bewildered

Food for her burning stomach
more than which will bring her back
A touch of hand, a smile of hope
A small prayer for her to cope

And there she goes again...non-existent...nomad

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