Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rainy days are here again

Rain is my solitude. Oh how I love rainy days.I'm cleansed again of my sorrows. The wind in it's path hovering over our creaking roof and yet still melody to my ears. My inner child has been unleashed. As leaves fall and pavements go darker due to raindrops, my soul is brewing with warmth and glee. Cascading rain over our glass window is an endless battle of memories. Raining is my moment and mine alone. The whispering cold on my hands is a cup of hot chocolate on my palate. It comforts , relaxes and anesthesizes me. My thoughts are like core 2 duo in process- waiting to be written. In love with the rain, it inks my quill. Rain and quill, quill and nirvana..- its a continuous , never ending cycle of addiction. Thank God! Rainy days are here again...

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