Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liam John

Oh how i miss you
That gentle smile of joy
I am sorry for bringing you here in this mad world
I promise the best is not all that I can offer

I will protect you from uncertainties and doubts
I will let you grow with pride and humility
I will let you know how it feels to be loved unconditionally
I will let you realize that life is worth living

I will be more than a mother
I will be your friend, your mentor, your confidant
I will smolder you with kisses and hugs
Even it will come to a point that you will scorn me for doing that in public

My life is dedicated to you
Everything that I will be is because of you
My faith in love is an extension of who you are
The love in me to you and your love to me

The battle of life is what we will prepare for
We will be a tag team that will create home runs
When bruised we will be an aide to each other
Shrugging anything bad will be an easy breezy routine for us

You are a masterpiece of my destiny
You breathe life into me
You fulfilled my womanhood
Until time expires I will offer myself to you

I love you my son--Liam John
We will be cruising our way to the finish line
Just enjoy the ride...Have faith in me
You won't be disappointed..

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