Thursday, June 19, 2008


Freedom is a choice you make.Being free from the contraptions of the past is a lifetime decision.Waking up in a new day is as refreshing as a cola on a summer's day but it can be as fearful as anticipating your class card on a failing subject.

I will walk away from everything that hinders me.. Of what and who I am going to be. I am a mother, a nurse, a lover, a poor social philanthropist, a God fearing christian...

They say I am a rebel..I must admit I was a rebel before like any other adolescent who goes through in any point of their lives. Any catholic school girls will relate to me..I think(wink,wink)..Now i have realized that God has transformed me into an accomplished mature woman.

I am capable of loving someone wholeheartedly without changing him. I want to be with him, the cliche grow old with him, face life in an uncanny manner with him, cry, laugh, be crazy, experiment, seek each others arms, build a family and spread a generation of love..

I still believe in love and having a family.. I am driven and will forever be..Thank God..
I am in love...

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