Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rooted in my own backyard

Hello there! We have met once again
The screeching dark gate and busted doorbell welcomes me
As I enter,My heart pounds, asking me on what will I see
Did I hear it right?The sound of motor-pump exhilirates my senses

Same old-newly polished flooring,new sofa, crisp curtain hanging
Our Family pictures on the wall greet my eyes
Books positioned in shelves calling in the memory of my past
And now as I sit on my favorite spot a warm smile of belongingness

Love on what has made me now
Flashbacks of my childhood sketches the lines on my face
Old stereo plays- vinyl, tape, CD's, a dust of everything
I immersed my soul in a trans-meditational zone

A parade of everything which is me
This is the place that defines who I am
The niche of every perplexity I have been through
This is my home,my room,my jungle- my own self

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