Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Actress

The stereotype is her uncommon companion
the strangeness toils over her
the hatred on its pangs seethes
gently she surrenders subconsciously

a piece of hesitation, a death to Id
the distant observer salivates like prey
her guillotine mind, a perfect escape
what once feared has begun

karmic dance on dire performance
circling to the tune of satire
coyly smiles, a glorious laugh
a spin off from a man's theatrical play

she makes the final Broadway bow
catching thorny flowers by hand
the point of no return waves from afar
a look at empty seats once again

the actress kisses, weeps and sleeps
tomorrow another long walk towards the stage
and yet again she sleeps...

1 comment:

Photoblogger said...

"tomorrow another long walk through the stage"

Deep poem ah.